Fredrik Winberg

Mr. Fredrik Winberg is regarded a model entrepreneur for having built several different businesses – from medical to railways. A marketing expert for over 30 years, he is also the Managing Director of a major international cement manufacturing company. Mr. Winberg’s business skills, marketing expertise and entrepreneurship have shaped the textile-related companies Biteam and Oxeon to be the leaders in their fields.

phone: +46 708 256 804

Nandan Khokar

Dr. Nandan Khokar is internationally recognized as the pioneer of the 3D-weaving process and discoverer of the non-woven noobing process. He has developed a variety of patented textile technologies, including the tape-weaving process. Dr. Khokar’s entrepreneurial spirit, flair for and skills in designing and constructing machines together with expertise in weaving technologies form the basis of Biteam and Oxeon companies.

phone: +46 709 271 736


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